Supplement | HBS Case Collection | September 2006 (Revised October 2007)

BT Plc: The Broadband Revolution (B)

by Michael L. Tushman, David Kiron and Adam M. Kleinbaum


In early 2003, CEO Ben Verwaayen and Chief Broadband Officer Alison Ritchie of BT Plc. are trying to transform the former British Telecom from a stodgy telephone company into a 21st century broadband company. Their efforts to focus the firm on broadband issues within the UK are being thwarted by a reluctant management team. Discusses the problems Verwaayen and Ritchie face in forging a social revolution within BT and illustrates the challenges of cross line of business innovation.

Keywords: Transformation; Innovation and Invention; Management Teams; Problems and Challenges; Telecommunications Industry; United Kingdom;


Tushman, Michael L., David Kiron, and Adam M. Kleinbaum. "BT Plc: The Broadband Revolution (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 407-002, September 2006. (Revised October 2007.)