Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2006 (Revised October 2007)

Shinsei Bank: Developing an Integrated Firm

by Thomas J. DeLong and Masako Egawa


Tom Pedersen, newly appointed chief learning officer (CLO) of Shinsei Bank in Japan, pondered how he could facilitate development of an integrated culture and transformation of the organization. Shinsei Bank had not developed longstanding tradition or a strong corporate culture. The bank, which was made up of professionals with extremely diverse backgrounds, had to develop an integrated organizational culture. Pedersen had just administered a new performance evaluation program for 17 senior executives. This was the first time that they had been measured against competencies aligned with the corporate vision and values revised in late 2005. He thought the evaluation program was critical for permeating the vision and values throughout the bank and was eager to roll out the program to a larger number of employees next year. Pedersen wondered how he should improve the performance evaluation, and if this was the right process to influence the culture of the bank? He also wondered what other measures might be effective to get employees with diverse backgrounds to work together. How could he create a learning organization at Shinshei Bank?

Keywords: Integration; Mission and Purpose; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Talent and Talent Management; Organizational Culture; Performance Evaluation; Cooperation; Diversity; Japan;


DeLong, Thomas J., and Masako Egawa. "Shinsei Bank: Developing an Integrated Firm." Harvard Business School Case 407-006, September 2006. (Revised October 2007.)