Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2006 (Revised June 2007)

Shapiro Global

by Thomas J. DeLong, Michael Brookshire, Monica Haugen, Michelle Kravetz and Sarah Sommer


Su Yee Goh, a director in a Singapore office, considers a proposal by a pregnant female executive for an alternative work arrangement so that she could both continue to work and spend more time with her family. Goh wants to keep the executive at Shapiro Global, but is afraid an alternative role would be disruptive to the marketing team and could create dissension among the other employees.

Keywords: Disruption; Globalized Firms and Management; Employee Relationship Management; Retention; Work-Life Balance; Singapore;


DeLong, Thomas J., Michael Brookshire, Monica Haugen, Michelle Kravetz, and Sarah Sommer. "Shapiro Global." Harvard Business School Case 407-003, August 2006. (Revised June 2007.)