Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2006 (Revised April 2007)

Endeca Technologies: New Growth Opportunities

by Paul A. Gompers and Kristin Perry


Steve Papa, CEO of Endeca Technologies, must decide whether to expand into a new market with a new application of his company's technology. Endeca has experienced significant success with its information access software in the online retail industry, and in September 2004 is poised to enter similar industries with similar products. However, it also faces an opportunity to create a unique solution for the manufacturing industry, a market the company knows little about and that has proven difficult to enter in the past. Which expansion strategy should Papa choose? Although the manufacturing market would yield a much higher average deal size, significant uncertainty surrounded a move away from Endeca's core business. It would impact the company's sales practices, organizational structure, product requirements, and decisions about whether to partner with other companies in the field. Taylor Hunte Industries, a Fortune 500 giant in the manufacturing industry, has just invited Endeca to submit a request for proposal--due in just 10 days.

Keywords: Decision Choices and Conditions; Market Entry and Exit; Production; Organizational Structure; Partners and Partnerships; Opportunities; Expansion; Online Technology; Software; Information Technology Industry;


Gompers, Paul A., and Kristin Perry. "Endeca Technologies: New Growth Opportunities." Harvard Business School Case 206-041, April 2006. (Revised April 2007.)