Module Note | April 2006

Asset Allocation: A Half-Course Module Note

by Luis M. Viceira


Provides an overview of the main ideas and structure of a 15-session module on long-term asset allocation designed for MBA graduate students and investment professionals. This module is taught as part of a full-length, 30-session elective class on investment management at the Harvard Business School. This module can also be taught as a stand-alone 15-session course on asset allocation. The module is structured around a discussion of three interactive sessions and nine Harvard Business School cases, all of which have companion teaching notes. The module starts with traditional mean-variance analysis and it develops the main ideas underlying the modern theory of long-term investing. Also, emphasizes the practical implementation of investment decisions and the management of long-term institutional investors and investment vehicles.

Keywords: Asset Management; Investment; Decisions; Management; Management Analysis, Tools, and Techniques; Teaching; Theory;


Viceira, Luis M. "Asset Allocation: A Half-Course Module Note." Harvard Business School Module Note 206-133, April 2006.