Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2006 (Revised June 2008)

Peoplepower, Inc.: The Republic of the Philippines

by Noel Maurer


In 2006, the Philippines faces a difficult choice. Japan has offered the country a trade agreement that includes access to the Japanese labor market for Philippine nurses and other professionals. The same trade agreement, however, means opening the country's manufacturing enterprises to Japanese exports, which is bitterly opposed by some of the nation's largest foreign investors. President Gloria Arroyo-embattled by coup attempts and political scandals-must decide whether to advance the nation's three-decade-old strategy of encouraging the export of its labor resources or whether to attenuate that strategy to meet the demands of large foreign investors.

Keywords: Diasporas; Developing Countries and Economies; Trade; Foreign Direct Investment; Human Capital; Business and Government Relations; Conflict and Resolution; Japan; Philippines;


Maurer, Noel. "Peoplepower, Inc.: The Republic of the Philippines." Harvard Business School Case 706-052, April 2006. (Revised June 2008.)