Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2006 (Revised April 2007)

Cinco de Mayo

by Arthur I Segel, Nicolas P. Retsinas, David Margain and Andres Caldera Radonski


In 2004, Adrian Pandal is seeking financing for a residential conversion of a building in Mexico City's historic center district. He must convince potential lenders that the project is viable and that it makes sense to bet on the future potential of an area that, until recently, has not attracted substantial real estate investment.

Keywords: History; Risk Management; Opportunities; Urban Development; Investment; Property; Real Estate Industry; Mexico City;


Segel, Arthur I., Nicolas P. Retsinas, David Margain, and Andres Caldera Radonski. "Cinco de Mayo." Harvard Business School Case 206-115, March 2006. (Revised April 2007.)