Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2006 (Revised September 2007)

Bentington Industries

by David Ager and John A. Davis


Describes the situation facing Paul Bentington, the president, CEO, and member of the owning family of BIND, PLC, a large and successful family-owned engineering consulting firm in London. Bentington's sister and brother, both of whom are owners of the firm, confront him regarding family participation both in the governance and management of the firm. Third- and fourth-generation members of the family represent a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, which Bentington's siblings believe would benefit the firm. Yet Bentington has misgivings about whether it is appropriate for his siblings, their spouses, and their children to serve in any leadership role at the family company.

Keywords: Business or Company Management; Leadership; Family Business; Management Succession; Conflict and Resolution; Diversity; London;


Ager, David, and John A. Davis. "Bentington Industries." Harvard Business School Case 806-115, January 2006. (Revised September 2007.)