Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2005 (Revised October 2013)

Fred Khosravi and AccessClosure (A)

by Richard Hamermesh and Liz Kind


Fred Khosravi is a serial medical device entrepreneur. In his latest venture, he must decide whether to sell now or continue to develop his current product and whether to market it, sell the company, or IPO.

Keywords: negotiation; medical devices; venture capital; life sciences; health care industry; Healthcare Technology; healthcare ventures; Business Startups; Decision Choices and Conditions; Entrepreneurship; Growth and Development Strategy; Medical Devices and Supplies Industry; United States;


Hamermesh, Richard, and Liz Kind. "Fred Khosravi and AccessClosure (A)." Harvard Business School Case 806-044, December 2005. (Revised October 2013.)