Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2005 (Revised June 2006)

Strategic Planning at United Parcel Service

by David A. Garvin and Lynne Levesque


In March 2005, CEO Michael Eskew has asked the Corporate Strategy Group to recommend changes to the strategic process to ensure it allows United Parcel Service (UPS) to continue to transform itself over the next several years. Describes the evolution of UPS's strategic process, with special attention on the company's use of scenario planning techniques, as well as other critical elements of the process: the development of the company charter, strategic planning, strategic decision making, and strategy implementation. Also discusses the roles of the various players in the process, focusing especially on the CEO and corporate strategy staff.

Keywords: Change; Decisions; Globalization; Growth and Development Strategy; Managerial Roles; Strategic Planning; Creativity; Corporate Strategy;


Garvin, David A., and Lynne Levesque. "Strategic Planning at United Parcel Service." Harvard Business School Case 306-002, November 2005. (Revised June 2006.)