Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2005 (Revised August 2008)

Philip McCrea: Once an Entrepreneur...(A)

by William W. George and Andrew N. McLean


In the spring of 2005, an exhausted Philip McCrea, president and CEO of software development company VitesseLearning, reflects on the demands of his successful start-up and his desire to be closer to his growing family. Profiles the youth, career, family life, aspirations, and motivations of the founder and CEO. Provides information about the business' comparative advantages and strategic opportunities. Raises questions regarding work-life balance and the entrepreneurial satisfaction of running a successful service industry, IT-based start-up.

Keywords: Business Startups; Entrepreneurship; Personal Development and Career; Family and Family Relationships; Opportunities; Motivation and Incentives;


George, William W., and Andrew N. McLean. "Philip McCrea: Once an Entrepreneur...(A)." Harvard Business School Case 406-018, September 2005. (Revised August 2008.)