Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2005 (Revised October 2005)

Agora SA

by Tarun Khanna, Krishna G. Palepu, Vincent Dessain and Monika Stachowiak


Tells the story of Agora, the largest media company in Poland, describing its corporate strategy of diversification since its founding in 1989 by entrepreneurial journalists closely linked to the anti-communist movement Solidarity. Describes in detail Gazeta Wyborcza, the country's best-selling daily newspaper and Agora's main revenue contributor. In late 2003, Fakt, the new daily owned by a German publishing house, took the lead on the Polish newspaper market, harming Gazeta Wyborcza's sales and advertising revenues. Places students in the position of Wanda Rapaczynski, Agora's CEO, who, in mid-2005, explores ways to improve Agora's position in an increasingly competitive environment.

Keywords: Diversification; Competition; Media; Corporate Strategy; Emerging Markets; Journalism and News Industry; Media and Broadcasting Industry; Germany; Poland;


Khanna, Tarun, Krishna G. Palepu, Vincent Dessain, and Monika Stachowiak. "Agora SA." Harvard Business School Case 706-425, September 2005. (Revised October 2005.)