Background Note | HBS Case Collection | August 2005 (Revised August 2007)

Why Study Emerging Markets

by Tarun Khanna, Krishna G. Palepu and Kjell Ke-Li Carlsson


Emerging markets have attracted considerable attention and are likely to become an increasingly important political and economic force. They represent an enormous opportunity for entrepreneurs, multinationals, and investors but also pose a threat for products, jobs, and resources. They have the potential to redefine the way business is done in many industries but remain shrouded by myths. Provides an overview of the importance of emerging markets. Discusses the opportunities in and threats posed by emerging markets. Shows how studying emerging markets can provide new insights into business conglomerates, industry profitability, and corporate governance and discusses common perceptions and misconceptions of emerging markets.

Keywords: Profit; Multinational Firms and Management; Corporate Governance; Emerging Markets; Problems and Challenges; Opportunities;


Khanna, Tarun, Krishna G. Palepu, and Kjell Ke-Li Carlsson. "Why Study Emerging Markets." Harvard Business School Background Note 706-422, August 2005. (Revised August 2007.)