Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2005 (Revised July 2006)

Icebreaker: The US Entry Decision

by Joseph B. Lassiter III and Dan Heath


Jeremy Moon, CEO of Icebreaker, merino wool, outdoor apparel manufacturer, believed the company could be a big hit in the United States, despite the presence of entrenched rivals. But Icebreaker clearly needed a new distribution approach. One option was to position Icebreaker as a brand selling fashionable sportswear. A second option was to mirror the strategy that had been effective in New Zealand--distributing through outdoor and snow sports retailers. A final option was to delay U.S. retail distribution and sell exclusively over the Internet, using direct-to-customer advertising.

Keywords: Market Entry and Exit; Distribution Channels; Product Launch; Product Development; Brands and Branding; Manufacturing Industry; Apparel and Accessories Industry; Retail Industry; New Zealand; United States;


Lassiter, Joseph B., III, and Dan Heath. "Icebreaker: The US Entry Decision." Harvard Business School Case 806-006, July 2005. (Revised July 2006.)