Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2005 (Revised June 2006)

Ducati Corse: The Making of a Grand Prix Motorcycle

by Francesca Gino and Gary P. Pisano


Examines the product development strategy and processes of the Ducati motorcycle racing team during the 2003-2004 Grand Prix seasons. Invites discussion of appropriate design and development strategies to facilitate learning across product generations. Specifically, examines the trade-offs inherent in an "integral" vs. "modular" approach to product design and the impact on learning. Also enables students to explore the behavioral aspects of development strategy and, in particular, the impact of initial success on perceptions of competence and risk taking.

Keywords: Design; Business Strategy; Product Marketing; Knowledge Use and Leverage; Motorcycle Industry; Italy;


Gino, Francesca, and Gary P. Pisano. "Ducati Corse: The Making of a Grand Prix Motorcycle." Harvard Business School Case 605-090, June 2005. (Revised June 2006.)