Report | 2008

Nordic Globalization Barometer 2008

by Christian H.M. Ketels


The countries in the Nordic region—Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden—have been among the economies that have done best in an increasingly global economy. All Nordic countries have higher levels of prosperity than the average OECD country. Only the United States and Ireland have a higher GDP per capita than the Nordic countries. How can the Nordic countries continue to be competitive on a global scale? The first Nordic Globalization Barometer, commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers on behalf of the five Nordic Prime Ministers, identifies central issues related to the dynamics of globalization and evaluates the position of the Nordic countries in the global economy in three main categories: Economic performance, competitiveness, and globalization readiness. Its aim is to spur and inspire a fruitful discussion on how the region can be strengthened further.

Keywords: Economic Growth; Globalized Economies and Regions; Competitive Strategy; Scandinavia;


Ketels, Christian H.M. "Nordic Globalization Barometer 2008." Report, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen, 2008.