Compilation | April 2005 (Revised June 2005)

Boeing 787: The Dreamliner

by Richard L. Nolan and Suresh Kotha


Boeing dominated the commercial airline manufacturing business since bringing out the first commercial airline jet airliner. But in 2005, it delivered fewer new planes than its fast-moving competitor, Airbus. Boeing responded by transforming its manufacturing business and introducing the first "all-composite" commercial airplane: the 787 (the Dreamliner). In addition to being a revolutionary new commercial airliner, the 787 attempts to change the large "spoke-and-hubs" airport operation to nonstop travel between many new "city-pairs" worldwide.

Keywords: Competitive Strategy; Risk Management; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Air Transportation Industry; Manufacturing Industry; United States;


Nolan, Richard L., and Suresh Kotha. "Boeing 787: The Dreamliner." Harvard Business School Compilation 305-101, April 2005. (Revised June 2005.)