Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2005 (Revised February 2007)

American Outsourcing

by Richard H.K. Vietor and Alexander Veytsman


Covers the phenomenon of outsourcing jobs from the United States. Reviews the evolution of Mexico's Maquiladoras, manufacturing special economic areas in China, and information technology and service-sourcing in India. Also reviews exports/imports, exchange rates, wages, and jobs. Considers major outsourcer General Electric's moves to these countries and its plans. Compares Mexico and China, and India and China, asking what the United States and GE should be doing.

Keywords: Job Cuts and Outsourcing; Employment; Emerging Markets; Wages; Trade; United States; Mexico; China; India;


Vietor, Richard H.K., and Alexander Veytsman. "American Outsourcing." Harvard Business School Case 705-037, April 2005. (Revised February 2007.)