Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2005 (Revised October 2007)

Candy Land: The Utopian Vision of Milton Hershey

by Nancy F. Koehn and Erica Helms


Explores the life, work, and achievements of Milton S. Hershey. Analyzes his entrepreneurial achievements, including the creation of the Hershey bar, the founding of the business, and the development of the mass market for chocolate. Also investigates the broader contributions that Milton Hershey made to a sustainable, mutually beneficial social contract between business and community.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; Creativity;


Koehn, Nancy F., and Erica Helms. "Candy Land: The Utopian Vision of Milton Hershey." Harvard Business School Case 805-066, April 2005. (Revised October 2007.)