Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2005 (Revised August 2006)

Siebel Systems: The Role of the CFO

by Malcolm P. Baker and Lauren Barley


Mike Lawrie, the newly appointed CEO of Siebel Systems, considers a combination of growth and spending cuts to turn around the struggling software company. Focuses on the role of the chief financial officer, Ken Goldman, in corporate governance and compliance under Sarbanes-Oxley; in establishing a financial model for the firm; in operations and leadership; and in investor relations under Regulation FD. Goldman, who had presided over rapid growth at several other technology firms before joining Siebel three years earlier, must adapt to Siebel's new leadership and operating environment.

Keywords: Financial Management; Leading Change; Entrepreneurship; Job Design and Levels; Corporate Governance; Financial Strategy; Management Teams; Corporate Finance; Business and Shareholder Relations; Information Technology Industry;


Baker, Malcolm P., and Lauren Barley. "Siebel Systems: The Role of the CFO." Harvard Business School Case 205-068, March 2005. (Revised August 2006.)