Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2005 (Revised August 2007)

Brocade: Launching the Multiprotocol Router

by Elie Ofek and Mamoon Hamid


Brocade management is preparing for the launch of a new technology for data storage. The multiprotocol router improves on existing technology and has the potential to change the way firms design their data storage networks. Students must determine the target market for the router, how to leverage the OEM partners in convincing end customers to adopt it, and how to price the router. Forces students to understand the traditional segmentation of the data storage market and whether firms should concentrate on specific segments, as in the past. Also forces students to grapple with the willingness of end customers to adopt new solutions in the high-tech realm.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction; Price; Product Launch; Partners and Partnerships; Segmentation; Hardware; Technology Adoption; Information Technology Industry;


Ofek, Elie, and Mamoon Hamid. "Brocade: Launching the Multiprotocol Router." Harvard Business School Case 505-064, March 2005. (Revised August 2007.)