Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2005 (Revised May 2005)

Ito-Yokado: The Challenge of Apparel

by Rajiv Lal and Arar Han


Ito-Yokado, the 16th largest retail conglomerate in the world, has struggled with the declining performance in the apparel division of its superstores for over a decade. Apparel sales are slipping, eating hard-won gains in the retailer's food division. CEO Toshifumi Suzuki has already instituted a number of revolutionary changes to sourcing and merchandising. What should he try next?

Keywords: Business Conglomerates; Transformation; Performance; Problems and Challenges; Sales; Strategy; Apparel and Accessories Industry; Retail Industry; Japan;


Lal, Rajiv, and Arar Han. "Ito-Yokado: The Challenge of Apparel." Harvard Business School Case 505-048, March 2005. (Revised May 2005.)