Other Unpublished Work | 2009


by David Moss, Cole Bolton and Andrew Novo


In the summer of 1931, Germany was struggling with a deepening economic crisis. Production had fallen, unemployment was high, and bank deposits and gold were being withdrawn from the country at a rapid pace, threatening the value of the German mark. The country's third largest bank, the Danatbank, was especially hard hit by the flagging economy and the flight of capital. By July, the Danatbank was on the verge of collapse, and the bank's charismatic and controversial senior partner, Jakob Goldschmidt, appealed personally to the government, the central bank, and his private banking rivals for a lifeline.

Keywords: Financial history; Economy; Financial Crisis; Borrowing and Debt; Banks and Banking; Financing and Loans; Banking Industry; Germany;


Moss, David, Cole Bolton, and Andrew Novo. "Danatbank." 2009. (Draft case.)