Simulation | 2008

Everest Leadership and Team Simulation

by Michael A. Roberto and Amy C. Edmondson


This item is currently not available for purchase on this site. To order, please contact Customer Service - (800) 545-7685 or (617) 783-7600. **REVISED AUGUST 2009!** This web-based simulation uses the dramatic context of a Mount Everest expedition to reinforce student learning in group dynamics and leadership. Players are assigned one of 5 roles on a team attempting to summit the mountain. The simulation lasts 6 rounds totaling about 1.5 hours of seat time. In each round, team members analyze information on weather, health conditions, supplies, goals, or hiking speed, and determine how much of that information to communicate to their teammates. They then collectively discuss whether to attempt to reach the next camp en route to the summit. The team must decide how to effectively distribute supplies and oxygen bottles needed for the ascent--decisions which affect hiking speed, health, and ultimately the team's success in summiting the mountain. Failure to accurately communicate and analyze information as a team has negative consequences on team performance. The simulation is designed to be used with teams of students. A Facilitator's Guide contains an overview of simulation screens, elements, and a comprehensive Teaching Note. Computer with minimum 1024x768 screen resolution, High speed internet connection (DSL / cable modem quality), Windows 2000, XP, or Vista / Macintosh operating systems, Internet Explorer 6+ / Firefox 2.0+ web browser with javascript and cookies enabled, Flash Player 9+ browser plug-in (Users with earlier versions of Flash will be notified automatically and given the option to upgrade. This is a free browser plug-in.), Microsoft Excel (optional).

Keywords: Cooperation; Decision Choices and Conditions; Groups and Teams; Knowledge Sharing; Leadership;


Roberto, Michael A., and Amy C. Edmondson. "Everest Leadership and Team Simulation." Simulation and Teaching Note. Boston: Harvard Business School Publishing, 2008. Electronic. (Product number 2650.)