Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2005 (Revised October 2005)

Private Capital and Public Policy: Standard & Poor's Sovereign Credit Ratings

by Rawi E. Abdelal and Christopher Bruner


Describes Standard & Poor's sovereign credit ratings business. Provides background on the history of credit ratings agencies, the meaning of credit ratings, the expansion of the sovereign ratings business over recent decades, and the market for credit ratings. Also, discusses current debates in the United States and elsewhere relating to the use of credit ratings in financial and prudential regulation.

Keywords: Sovereign Finance; History; Policy; Business and Government Relations; International Finance; Country; Globalized Economies and Regions; Decision Choices and Conditions; Capital Markets; Debates; Financial Services Industry; United States;


Abdelal, Rawi E., and Christopher Bruner. "Private Capital and Public Policy: Standard & Poor's Sovereign Credit Ratings." Harvard Business School Case 705-026, January 2005. (Revised October 2005.)