Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2004 (Revised May 2005)

Levenger Company

by Myra M. Hart, Kristin Lieb and Victoria Winston


The Leveens started a high-end catalog business as a small home-based venture in 1987. It grew into a nationally recognized, $60 million company, offering products that ranged from unique pens and pencils to leather briefcases and fully furnished offices. In 1999, it reached saturation in the U.S. marketplace, and the owner-founders must consider new avenues of growth, including expansion of the catalog business into international markets; private labeling products for a large, national retailer; retailing in partnership with others; or retailing through company-owned, free-standing stores.

Keywords: Strategic Planning; Financial Liquidity; Business Exit or Shutdown; Expansion; Business Growth and Maturation; Value; Entrepreneurship; Financing and Loans; Globalization; Business Startups; Growth and Development Strategy; Retail Industry; United States;


Hart, Myra M., Kristin Lieb, and Victoria Winston. "Levenger Company." Harvard Business School Case 805-004, December 2004. (Revised May 2005.)