Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2004 (Revised April 2006)

Mavens & Moguls: Because Marketing Matters...

by Myra M. Hart, Kristin Lieb and Victoria Winston


Mavens & Moguls is a virtual marketing-consulting firm of approximately 40 professionals. Examines the processes by which Paige Arnof-Fenn (an HBS grad with deep industry experience)draws on her experience and her network to create a high-quality marketing consulting operation that offers her and her stable of consultants challenging work, rewarding income, personal autonomy, and flexibility. Looks at the business concept, organizational structure, and value proposition of Mavens & Moguls. Because Arnof-Fenn is at the nexus of almost all the deals--and is the primary driver of Mavens & Moguls' growth--she might also be its biggest constraint.

Keywords: Networks; Values and Beliefs; Business Growth and Maturation; Organizational Structure; Marketing; Entrepreneurship; Experience and Expertise; Growth and Development Strategy; Consulting Industry;


Hart, Myra M., Kristin Lieb, and Victoria Winston. "Mavens & Moguls: Because Marketing Matters..." Harvard Business School Case 805-005, December 2004. (Revised April 2006.)