Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2004 (Revised July 2005)

Extend Fertility

by Myra M. Hart and Sylvia Sensiper


Focuses on the search for opportunity, the generation and evaluation of business concepts, creation of a business plan, and the start-up process. Follows experienced entrepreneur Christy Jones as she combines her business skills and personal experience to generate new business concepts. Jones' assessment of the market opportunity for the egg harvesting and cryopreservation business was based on firsthand observations of the needs of young professional women and extensive field and scientific research. The plan, which won the HBS business plan contest in 2004, provides a good example of the form and substance of a well-crafted plan. Provides an opportunity to discuss the underlying social issues that make it attractive for young women to purchase "fertility insurance" while they pursue professional careers.

Keywords: Opportunities; Business Plan; Entrepreneurship; Personal Development and Career; Social Issues; Gender; Business Startups; Biotechnology Industry;


Hart, Myra M., and Sylvia Sensiper. "Extend Fertility." Harvard Business School Case 805-065, December 2004. (Revised July 2005.)