Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2004 (Revised November 2004)

Mavens & Moguls: Creating a New Business Model

by Myra M. Hart, Victoria Winston and Kristin Lieb


Mavens & Moguls is a "virtual" marketing-consulting firm of approximately 40 professionals. Examines the processes by which its founder, Paige Arnof-Fenn, learns the business, builds a power network of industry experts and potential customers, and uses this expertise to build a new company that fulfills her career and life goals and also provides a wide range of work options to the consultants. Drawing on her experience and her network, she creates a high-quality marketing consulting operation that offers her and her stable of consultants challenging work, rewarding income, personal autonomy, and flexibility. Because Arnof-Fenn is at the nexus of almost all the deals, rapid growth has the potential to challenge the business model and threaten the fundamental values of the organization.

Keywords: Online Technology; Values and Beliefs; Work-Life Balance; Organizational Structure; Organizational Culture; Operations; Networks; Business Model; Growth Management; Business Growth and Maturation; Entrepreneurship; Growth and Development Strategy; Consulting Industry;


Hart, Myra M., Victoria Winston, and Kristin Lieb. "Mavens & Moguls: Creating a New Business Model." Harvard Business School Case 805-050, October 2004. (Revised November 2004.)