Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2004 (Revised February 2007)

Spain: Straddling the Atlantic

by Rafael M. Di Tella and Ingrid Vogel


Provides a broad overview of economic and political developments in Spain from the 1940s to the present day. Examines the emergence of Spain from the Franco dictatorship and its convergence into a vibrant democracy, as reflected in the surprising election results of 2004. Also describes the economic transformation of Spain and permits discussion of the interrelationships between the economic and political dynamics. Highlights the role the European Union (EU) played as an inspirational goal and institutional constraint on how Spain developed both economically and politically. Discuses in greater detail the Spanish labor market and the evolution of unemployment levels in Spain. Also looks at the role of terrorism in a society such as Spain's, with reference to both the Basque separatist terrorism of ETA and the international terrorism associated with the Atocha station bombings in 2004.

Keywords: Economics; Government and Politics; Spain; European Union;


Di Tella, Rafael M., and Ingrid Vogel. "Spain: Straddling the Atlantic." Harvard Business School Case 705-006, October 2004. (Revised February 2007.)