Module Note | September 2004 (Revised November 2012)

Module I: Moral Challenge Class Summaries

by Sandra J. Sucher


What is a moral challenge? Explores four main types of moral challenge: the challenge of survival, the conflict between "two rights," a moral dilemma—or situation in which it is impossible to satisfy conflicting moral obligations and commitments—and the challenge of "new principles" that raise questions about our values and beliefs. Explores these topics through literature, history, biography, autobiography, and background readings in moral philosophy.

Keywords: Decision Choices and Conditions; Moral Sensibility; Values and Beliefs; Leadership; Problems and Challenges; Conflict of Interests;


Sucher, Sandra J. "Module I: Moral Challenge Class Summaries." Harvard Business School Module Note 605-036, September 2004. (Revised November 2012.)