Chapter | From Principles to Practice | 2003

Designing Sustainability at BMW Group: The Designworks/USA Experience

by Michael W. Toffel, Natalie Hill and Kellie McElhaney


This case study describes how an industrial design company developed a Sustainability Management System (SMS) standard, designed and implemented an SMS throughout its business, and then became the first company in the world to achieve third-party SMS certification. The case also describes ongoing development and challenges and examines how the SMS has facilitated the implementation of the United Nations Global Compact.

Keywords: Design; Governance Compliance; Management Practices and Processes; Standards; Environmental Sustainability; United States;


Toffel, Michael W., Natalie Hill, and Kellie McElhaney. "Designing Sustainability at BMW Group: The Designworks/USA Experience." In From Principles to Practice, 57–83. Case Studies Series. Global Compact Office, 2003.