Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2004 (Revised February 2006)

Marketing James Patterson

by John A. Deighton


Can a successful novelist use direct-to-consumer marketing to grow his brand? The author, who in a previous career ran a major advertising agency, uses advertising with great success to build his stature as a crime fiction writer. Further, he applies his experience at managing the advertising creative process to employ co-authors on a "literary assembly line," turning out more product than any other best-selling author. Now he considers whether book clubs can be used to systematically build buzz for his new releases. Is it time for a shift to direct mail and one-to-one marketing, or is fame in the book business only won in the limelight of publicity and broadcast marketing?

Keywords: Advertising; Debates; Surveys; SWOT Analysis; Brands and Branding; Marketing Channels; Product Marketing; Consumer Behavior; Outcome or Result; Sales;


Deighton, John A. "Marketing James Patterson." Harvard Business School Case 505-029, August 2004. (Revised February 2006.) (request a courtesy copy.)