Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2004 (Revised May 2008)

Beacon Lakes

by Arthur I Segel, Robert Barlick Jr and Jose Gonzalez


In September 2001, Armando Codina, the CEO and chairman of Codina Group, is facing the decision of whether to go ahead as planned with its $220 million Beacon Lakes project, a 6.6-million-square-foot warehouse and office park in Miami's Airport West submarket. Although his firm has already spent more than two years and almost $2 million to get the project underway, the various obstacles ahead make him ponder whether to continue. Codina feels that an unsuccessful project could hurt his otherwise untainted career. Among the issues facing him: the uncertainty regarding the expansion of the Urban Development Boundary line to the west to include the site of the project, which is currently zoned to prohibit any type of development, and the heated environmental debate regarding the site's proximity to the Northwest Wellfield Protection Area and the Everglades National Park. Codina needs to analyze fully the economics of the deal, taking into account market conditions as well as the ultimate profitability of the project given the concessions that he is willing to make. Includes color exhibits.

Keywords: Decision Making; Urban Scope; Business and Government Relations; Natural Environment; Expansion; Environmental Sustainability; Real Estate Industry; Everglades National Park; Miami;


Segel, Arthur I., Robert Barlick Jr, and Jose Gonzalez. "Beacon Lakes." Harvard Business School Case 805-023, July 2004. (Revised May 2008.)