Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2004 (Revised May 2009)

Getting Participant-centered Learning to Work

by Thomas R. Piper, James L. Heskett and Gustavo Herrero


The newly appointed dean of a South American business school is eager to transform the learning process from the traditional lecture method to one that actively engages students and contributes to the development of critical managerial skills, attitudes, and world view. To be successful, a number of organizational processes must be changed, and strong alliances must be created with key members of the faculty, administrative staff, alumni, and students.

Keywords: Change Management; Transformation; Business Education; Leading Change; Business Processes; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Alliances; Education Industry; South America;


Piper, Thomas R., James L. Heskett, and Gustavo Herrero. "Getting Participant-centered Learning to Work." Harvard Business School Case 805-007, July 2004. (Revised May 2009.)