Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2004 (Revised September 2004)

Novell: CEO-led Turnaround and Growth Strategy

by Richard L. Nolan and Robert D. Austin


Novell CEO Jack Messman tried to return the company to its leadership position in the software industry through a strategy that embraces Linux and other open source software. This case serves as an introduction to open source software and strategies based on open source and offers opportunities to discuss organizational change and corporate turnaround approaches. Mostly told in Messman's own words. One key issue is how to capture value via a strategy that emphasizes intellectual property in the public domain.

Keywords: Organizational Change and Adaptation; Value Creation; Open Source Distribution; Software; Intellectual Property; Business Strategy; Information Technology Industry;


Nolan, Richard L., and Robert D. Austin. "Novell: CEO-led Turnaround and Growth Strategy." Harvard Business School Case 605-004, July 2004. (Revised September 2004.)