Article | Harvard Business Review | October 2007

Grist: A Strategic Approach to Climate

by Michael E. Porter and Forest Reinhardt


Climate change will affect everything businesses do, as government efforts to mitigate carbon emissions cause their prices to rise steeply. This special edition of Forethought takes a hard-nosed look at the risks and opportunities of climate change. Michael E. Porter and Forest L. Reinhardt argue that the effects of climate change on companies' operations are now so tangible and certain that the issue is best addressed with the tools of the strategist, not the philanthropist.

Keywords: Customer Value and Value Chain; Governing Rules, Regulations, and Reforms; Leadership; Logistics; Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; Performance Improvement; Weather and Climate Change; Competitive Advantage; Corporate Strategy;


Porter, Michael E., and Forest Reinhardt. "Grist: A Strategic Approach to Climate." Forethought. Harvard Business Review 85, no. 10 (October 2007): 22–26.