Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2004

Nehemiah Strategy, The: Bringing it to Boston

by Diana Barrett and Arthur I Segel


In 2003, Lee Stuart was working with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization to implement an affordable housing initiative in Boston. She and her colleagues faced a number of challenges in transferring the strategy, including whether the strategy was appropriate for the Boston marketplace. The project was at a critical point, and key decisions had to be made regarding project direction. The CD-ROM contains both a paper case and a supplemental multimedia case. The paper case provides essential background and exhibits on Nehemiah. The multimedia case includes video clips from key Boston protagonists profiled in the paper case. Also includes animated exhibits that depict the Nehemiah strategy and illustrate the financial underpinnings of the model.

Keywords: Housing; Problems and Challenges; Strategy; Projects; Decisions; Boston;


Barrett, Diana, and Arthur I Segel. "Nehemiah Strategy, The: Bringing it to Boston." Harvard Business School Multimedia/Video Case 304-082, June 2004.