Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2004 (Revised May 2007)

Conor Medsystems

by Donald N. Sull, Robert F. Higgins, Linda A. Cyr and Bijan Salehizadeh


Conor Medsystems had developed a drug-eluting stent that could capture significant share of the $5 billion global market. Chief executive officer, Frank Litvack, is considering alternative sources of financing to test the device.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Health Testing and Trials; Corporate Finance; Medical Devices and Supplies Industry;


Sull, Donald N., Robert F. Higgins, Linda A. Cyr, and Bijan Salehizadeh. "Conor Medsystems." Harvard Business School Case 804-180, April 2004. (Revised May 2007.)