Book | 2007

Entrepreneurship and Global Capitalism

by G. Jones and Rohit Daniel Wadhwani


These volumes demonstrates the importance of historical perspectives in the study of entrepreneurship. By exploring the role of entrepreneurship in the history of global capitalism, the authors show that historical knowledge can challenge widely accepted generalizations made about entrepreneurship. The selected articles cover the best historical research on the role of entrepreneurship in creating global capitalism; the cultural and institutional explanations for geographical and temporal variations in entrepreneurship; the deep historical origins of "born global" companies; the importance of networks and diaspora in new international market development; the key role of public policy in shaping cross-border entrepreneurial activity; and the impact of international entrepreneurship on local economies.

Keywords: History; Diasporas; Economic Systems; Globalized Economies and Regions; Globalized Firms and Management; Cultural Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues;


Jones, G. and Rohit Daniel Wadhwani, eds. Entrepreneurship and Global Capitalism. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007.