Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2004 (Revised February 2006)

Salt Lake Organizing Committee, The: 2002 Olympics

by H. Kent Bowen, Bryce LaPierre and Courtney Purrington


After two and a half years of effort, Fraser Bullock, COO of the 2002 Winter Olympics, faced projected deficits and post-9/11 security requirements only five months before the opening ceremony. Summarizes the organizational structure and processes put in place by Bullock and CEO Mitt Romney, as well as how they created systems and culture to endow effective working knowledge to the 90% of their staff who started working two weeks before the games began.

Keywords: Framework; Knowledge Dissemination; Business or Company Management; Managerial Roles; Organizational Design; Organizational Structure; Planning; Practice; Risk and Uncertainty; Safety; Sports; System;


Bowen, H. Kent, Bryce LaPierre, and Courtney Purrington. "Salt Lake Organizing Committee, The: 2002 Olympics." Harvard Business School Case 604-092, March 2004. (Revised February 2006.)