Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2004 (Revised August 2004)

National Semiconductor's India Design Center

by Jeffrey T. Polzer and Elizabeth Kind


The senior managers of the India Design Center used 360-degree feedback to develop their team competencies. Now, three new managers are about to join their management team, and Ashok Kumar, director of the center, must decide how to integrate the new managers in a way that maintains the team's newfound trust and camaraderie. Describes the managers' work activities, including engineering, human resources, and finance responsibilities, to allow a diagnosis of how the managers can benefit from working together as a team. Also notes the challenges these managers face as they work with their bosses and counterparts at the company's headquarters in California, which is 13.5 time zones away. The team is one that could presumably benefit from better cross-functional coordination and communication regarding their collective relationship with the company's headquarters in California.

Keywords: Groups and Teams; Information Technology Industry; India;


Polzer, Jeffrey T., and Elizabeth Kind. "National Semiconductor's India Design Center." Harvard Business School Case 404-102, February 2004. (Revised August 2004.)