Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2004 (Revised May 2005)

Gold Hill Venture Lending

by G. Felda Hardymon, Josh Lerner and Ann Leamon


David Fischer is trying to raise $200 million for a first-time venture debt fund that will be affiliated with Silicon Valley Bank, a major technology lender. Despite his lengthy experience in venture lending, the process is proving difficult. He and his partners are considering whether to continue trying to raise the full amount or to close a smaller sum that is readily available and prove the model before trying to raise a larger fund. In making their decision, the partners must consider the structure of the fund and the value added by their links to the bank as well as how to counter conflict of interest concerns raised by the potential limited partners.

Keywords: Technology; Value Creation; Venture Capital; Partners and Partnerships; Decision Choices and Conditions; Investment Funds; Banking Industry; Financial Services Industry;


Hardymon, G. Felda, Josh Lerner, and Ann Leamon. "Gold Hill Venture Lending." Harvard Business School Case 804-083, January 2004. (Revised May 2005.)