Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2003 (Revised September 2005)

Rein Chemical Company: Specialty Division

by Francis Aguilar


This case describes corporate management's recent discovery of widespread unethical pricing transactions in one division and key managers' different views on how to respond. Students are asked to evaluate management's position and decide who should do what to resolve Rein Chemical Co.'s problem. The improper pricing problem, involving an undetermined large number of customers, is complicated by the lack of clarity as to who the injured parties were and by the harm that any course of action could have on innocent parties.

Keywords: Customers; Price; Ethics; Business Divisions; Chemicals; Crisis Management; Chemical Industry;


Aguilar, Francis. "Rein Chemical Company: Specialty Division." Harvard Business School Case 904-046, December 2003. (Revised September 2005.)