Course Overview Note | December 2003 (Revised April 2005)

Corporate Strategy: Course Note for Instructors

by Bharat N. Anand


Introduces students to the concerns that impact a firm's choice of strategy, scope, and organization and assists in three central tasks that comprise the typical decision problem: diagnosing the sources of corporate advantage, evaluating the limits to such advantage, and offering prescriptions that overcome these limits. In studying a range of firms across a variety of contexts, from global market leaders to start-up companies, the course builds on the analytical tools introduced in nearly all the first-year courses, but particularly Strategy. To train students in this way of thinking, the course draws heavily on recent advances in economics, notably industrial organization, organizational economics, and financial economics.

Keywords: Corporate Strategy;


Anand, Bharat N. "Corporate Strategy: Course Note for Instructors." Harvard Business School Course Overview Note 704-461, December 2003. (Revised April 2005.)