Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2003 (Revised August 2006)

Malden Mills (A)

by Nitin Nohria, Thomas R. Piper and Bridget Gurtler


CEO Aaron Feuerstein of Malden Mills decided to pay idled workers after a massive fire at his mill in 1995. Focuses on the decisions made post-fire and the rebuilding process and eventual bankruptcy of the company. Also outlines creditors' struggle to decide whether to lend Feuerstein additional funds to enable him to regain control of the company after emerging from bankruptcy.

Keywords: Wages; Situation or Environment; Ethics; Financing and Loans; Resignation and Termination; Employees; Insolvency and Bankruptcy; Manufacturing Industry; Massachusetts;


Nohria, Nitin, Thomas R. Piper, and Bridget Gurtler. "Malden Mills (A)." Harvard Business School Case 404-072, December 2003. (Revised August 2006.)