Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2003 (Revised April 2010)

Flextronics International, Ltd.

by Robert S. Huckman and Gary P. Pisano


Describes Flextronics' evolution from providing outsourced manufacturing services for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the electronics industry to developing entire unbranded products for purchase by OEMs. In 2001, Flextronics began a development program that yielded several unbranded cell phones that--even by the admission of several OEMs--delivered performance comparable to that of branded products at a significantly lower cost. Nonetheless, as of early 2003, no major OEM had yet agreed to purchase any of these phones from Flextronics. As chairman and CEO of Flextronics, Michael Marks must decide how aggressively to pursue full product development.

Keywords: Growth and Development Strategy; Product Development; Production; Service Operations; Performance Effectiveness; Electronics Industry; Manufacturing Industry;


Huckman, Robert S., and Gary P. Pisano. "Flextronics International, Ltd." Harvard Business School Case 604-063, November 2003. (Revised April 2010.)