Background Note | HBS Case Collection | November 2003 (Revised June 2004)

China's Telecommunications Sector

by Richard L. Nolan and Stephen P. Bradley


In mid-2003, China was the fastest-growing telecom market. Telecom subscribers are estimated at 472 million. With the size and growth of telecom, China is a hot spot for new telecom and IT technologies. Furthermore, China's sheer market power provides a strong position for establishing telecom policies and standards that have important global and economic implications. This case provides the underlying background to discuss the key issues and decisions facing China's policymakers.

Keywords: Globalized Markets and Industries; Technological Innovation; Policy; Decision Choices and Conditions; Competition; Telecommunications Industry; China;


Nolan, Richard L., and Stephen P. Bradley. "China's Telecommunications Sector." Harvard Business School Background Note 904-416, November 2003. (Revised June 2004.)