Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2003 (Revised July 2006)

STAR 2003

by Thomas R. Piper


A shift in strategy from broadcasting standardized programs throughout its footprint to localized programming necessitates a review of STAR's organizational structure. Growing complexity and a need for local responsiveness point toward adoption of a country-based organizational structure. The question arises concerning the systems that must be in place if headquarters is truly to decentralize decision rights. The case also raises the issue of the need for senior executives at corporate to redefine their roles.

Keywords: Corporate Strategy; Organizational Structure; Management Teams; Decision Choices and Conditions; Organizational Design; Complexity; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; Service Industry;


Piper, Thomas R. "STAR 2003." Harvard Business School Case 204-014, November 2003. (Revised July 2006.)