Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2003 (Revised November 2004)

Ottawa Devices, Inc. (B)

by Henry B. Reiling and Harry Clegg Midgley IV


The Rollins family assembly was meeting to discuss and decide which one or combination from among an estate freeze, installment sale of stock, ESOP (employee stock ownership plan), leveraged capitalization, annual gifts of stock, one-time outright gift of stock, or sale of the business to a third party best accommodates the needs of these people and this company.

Keywords: Employee Stock Ownership Plan; Property; Mergers and Acquisitions; Decision Choices and Conditions; Stocks; Business Exit or Shutdown; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Family Business; Human Needs; Financial Strategy; Manufacturing Industry;


Reiling, Henry B., and Harry Clegg Midgley IV. "Ottawa Devices, Inc. (B)." Harvard Business School Case 204-102, November 2003. (Revised November 2004.)